How to Start a Blog or Website

How to Start a Blog or Website

First follow the five simple steps before you are going to start a blog/Website:

Choose the best blogging platform with good domain name and the best hosting option.
Design your blog or Website with simple and nice looking theme.
Select the best plugins which are suitable for your blog/website.
Write your own content which adds value to readers who will come to your blog or website.

How to Start a Blog or website by Step-by-Step Instructions:

Domain and Hosting for your blog/website: Start your blog or website by registering the domain from the popular domain provider websites like godaddy, namecheap, bluehost etc., The price may vary from different websites. Live chat is available for these website providers, if you don’t know chat with live.

Theme for WordPress or Blog: Selecting a good theme gives you the look and feel you want for your blog, allowing you to make a blog that looks exactly how you want it to look. A theme has mainly contains two parts, the framework (the bones) and the Child Theme (the beauty).

Framework: There are several WordPress theme frameworks are available on the market, choose the best one which is suitable to your website or blog.

Child Theme: It’s a simple and easily running theme which shows the beauty of your blog or website.

Modify Your WordPress or Blog: Once you selecting domain, hosting, WordPress and theme then go to make changes for your wordpress website or blog by installing required plugins.

Plugins: The plugins are available on wordpress plugin tab. Add the plugins which you want or search in google which plugins are recommended for your blog. “Google Analytics for WordPress” and really simple Facebook and Twitter share-button plugins. They take just a few seconds (literally a few seconds, it’s just a click of a button) to install once you’ve started your blog. And if you really want to play around with some cool plugins, check out WPBeginner’s Best WordPress Plugins.

Write Genuine Content with your own words: If you want to choose WordPress, then start writing and uploading the content for creating pages like About Page, Contact Page, Start Here Page, Books Page, Tour Page, Archives Page, etc. Finally start writing new posts and publishing them regularly (at least once a week), accompanied by free photos.

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