Signal Introduces Standalone Desktop App for Windows, Mac, Linux

Signal Introduces Standalone Desktop App for Windows, Mac, Linux

Open Whisper Systems is finally bringing a Standalone Desktop app for the private messaging service to Windows, Mac, Linux. “Signal Desktop is now available in a new, standalone form, and the Chrome App has been deprecated,” announced by the company.

The new independent desktop adaptation of Signal implies that it will run autonomously of the program. “In case you’re a Firefox or Safari client, you don’t have to introduce Chrome to send and get Signal messages on your PC. In case you’re a Chrome client, having your program open will never again be synonymous with having Signal Desktop open,” clarifies the organization in a blog entry. The independent Signal desktop application has been propelled with help for stages including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 and in addition macOS 10.9 or more. The organization has likewise discharged an independent application for Linux disseminations supporting APT like Ubuntu or Debian.

Existing users of the Signal Desktop Chrome App can export their data and import it into the new Signal Desktop app through the setup process. Signal says that users can expect all old conversations and contacts to be retained, “just like before”. With the launch of the new app, the company also requests users to share their feedback on bugs and other issues on the forum.

The Signal Desktop app links with the user’s phone, which means that all incoming and outgoing messages are displayed consistently on all connected devices. Earlier this year, Signal Private Messenger added video calling feature to its Android and iOS apps.

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